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Against All Probability

Darren Marc Willcox


In July 2007, Darren Marc Willcox attained the requirements for entry into the Australian Regular Army to undertake Army Officer training at Royal Military College - Duntroon.

A career dramatically cut short due to injury provided the necessary platform to utilise all available knowledge, education, and experience in order to overturn an Illegal Discharge.

Against All Probability is a personal account of events. Chapters clearly exhibit and articulate architecture of an inbuilt yet unwavering integrity and resilience, and more critically the flexibility of such personality traits when challenged.

Fighting for rights are noble when you witness, or read about such things, but it’s existentially horrific when it’s your loss forging the ‘agency of change’.

When forced to endure overwhelming odds and extreme adversity, never give up!


About the Author

Darren Marc Willcox was born in Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia. From a young age the allure of outdoor adventure beckoned. In teenage years immersion in Archery, Martial arts, and becoming a Patrol leader in Scouts inexorably led to an Army Officer career.

Previous to Army Officer Selection a number of Health Science qualifications were attained including: Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture), Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Acupuncture), Advanced Diploma of Health Science (Naturopathy), Practitioner Diploma of Herbal Medicine, and Practitioner Diploma of Nutrition. Additional studies post-service include attainment of the Graduate Diploma in Psychology at The University of Melbourne.

The scope of Against All Probability is a personal account that swiftly adjusted, after words unceasingly flowed, from a simple essay to a more comprehensive publication than originally envisaged. Within the life-changing process outlined in Against All Probability, the Author ignited an unequivocal interest in Music, Martial arts, Human rights, Law, and Organisational Psychology.







Against All Probability
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