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Beast of Iron

Paul C. Goosen

Nether Realm Novels

There is a realm ruled by the beast, and survived by man.
A realm of contest between myth and mortal.
A realm where beauty and monstrosity are matters of opinion.
Welcome to Earth ... or what’s left of it.

Brent, a troubled young boy, flees the cruel treatments of his village, just before it’s destruction by an army from the war torn past. Taken on a dangerous journey by a mysterious youth, Brent learns the terrifying truth of why his village was destroyed, and why everyone around him may meet the same fate.


About the Author

Paul Carl Goosen was born on April Fool’s Day (as a joke) in 1983, in Durban, South Africa, and moved inland to Johannesburg after 2 years. In 2000, after spending almost 17 years in South Africa, he moved to Sydney, Australia, with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Goosen.
After completing high school in 2002 he attended a computer college in hope of learning just how computers work and how to fix them.
In 2008 he moved to Perth to escape a monstrous fish and complete his 5th (and final) year of theological studies as a full-time student at Perth Bible College.
After working as a janitor, he joined the Army Reserves. He also held positions as a youth pastor and a high school chaplain. His current civilian jobs include instructing archery at youth camps and a running a small personal training business.

When he is not reading or writing, torturing clients, being tortured by military protocol, or propelling sharp sticks at targets (living or otherwise), Paul amuses himself by roaming Northbridge as a Street Chaplain, creating small Fight-Club-like training groups for young men, aimlessly strumming a guitar, and hanging out with ninjas.
When weather permits, he enjoys swimming in the sea and getting lost in the bush. Any time remaining is spent occasioning paintball fields and discouraging war by shooting his friends.

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Beasts of iron by Paul C. Goosen
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ISBN: 9781922022271
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 632 pages
RRP: $34.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fantasy--Fiction.
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