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Because I Love Him

Ashlee Donohue

One woman's journey from wounds to wisdom

In all of the madness stood two addicts: one severely addicted to alcohol and drugs, and the other just as addicted to the addict…In my sickness—the sickness of this toxic love addiction—his threats were the only words I wanted and needed to hear. In my world, Ronny’s words meant that he still LOVED me.

Ashlee Donohue’s first home was a tin shack on the banks of the Hat Head creek. A proud Aboriginal woman from the Dunghutti nation, born and raised in Kempsey NSW, Ashlee was determined to keep her family together, despite the unforgivable acts and consequences, to ultimately give them what she never had—the presence of their father.

Because I Love Him is a privileged insight into strong and sacred family ties, and the intricacies of relationships and expectations within urban Aboriginal communities. It is a personal account of love, addiction, motherhood, domestic violence, and the impact on women, children and families.




About the Author

Ashlee Donohue

“As an advocate, educator, and survivor of domestic violence, my drive and purpose lie in working towards changing the statistics around domestic violence through a preventative process in a holistic an inspiring way. By using my own experiences, I can help empower all people to work towards ending violence in all its forms. Everyone has the right to be and feel SAFE.

Ashlee Donohue is a proud Aboriginal woman from the Dunghutti Nation, born and raised in Kempsey NSW. Ashlee is a Life Coach, Educator, speaker and powerful advocate around the anti-violence message. She has lived in Sydney and has been actively working for the Aboriginal community for over 17 years, notably for Gadigal Information Service – Koori Radio 93.7FM and Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Corporation, where she developed programs for youth and women. For the past six years, Ashlee has attended and made presentations around the anti-violence message at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women forums in New York City.

Most recently, Ashlee supported the adaptation and contextualisation of an international Intimate Partner Violence curriculum for the Australian Nurse Family Partnership Program (ANFPP) education to optimize the understanding of domestic and family violence for ANFPP staff working in Indigenous communities and the primary health area.
Ashlee was the lead writer for the National Rugby League (NRL) ‘Voice against Violence’ Domestic Violence Education resource kit, which was designed to create accessible information, conversation and education for men, players, families and supporters within the NRL around domestic violence and the impacts on society. She was also a curriculum writer, facilitator and trainer on the award winning ‘Tackling Violence’ Program. Ashlee is also the co-creator of the only Aboriginal women’s sexual assault network in Australia ‘Hey Sis we’ve got your back’, in partnership with Rape & Domestic Violence services Australia.

In addition to her extensive advocacy work, Ashlee completed her Master of Education at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), won the UTS Human Rights Reconciliation Award, and served as a Director of Community Education for the Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education and Community Management.

Ashlee was featured as one of one hundred people in the ‘Positively Remarkable People’ ending violence against women exhibition in Sydney. She was also featured as one of ten Indigenous women in the Amnesty International Australia Day Blog – ‘Celebrating Indigenous Mums’

Currently, Ashlee is the Chairperson of Warringa Baiya Aboriginal women’s legal service, and a member of the ‘Our Watch’ Aboriginal women’s advisory group. She is a proud mother and grandmother of two children and three grandchildren.

“Ultimately, my work is about helping and encouraging people to take action towards reducing the statistics around domestic violence.
I believe if women aren't safe ... Nobody is SAFE!”





Because I Love Him by Ashlee Donohue
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ISBN: 978-1-925681-82-6
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Extent: 224 pages
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