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Boys and the “f” word

Pascal Rohan

BOYS and the ‘f’ word comes jam-packed with ideas and strategies to help you increase both your awareness and your effectiveness in being with boys. It is an experience-based, hard-hitting, action-oriented work designed to assist parents be more gutsy, firm and connected in their parenting. It helps teachers think about boys in ways that propels re-energised and re-organised teaching and it ensures better grades. It encourages boys to be strong, “gentle-men” as opposed to eternal, boorish “bush-pigs”.

Inside The Book
Fact 1 Boys move through predictable developmental phases
Fact 2 Communication – you can stuff it up and you can get it right!
Fact 3 Teaching is a relational reality
Fact 4 A brat is not necessarily a brat
Fact 5 Boys’ exaggerated behaviour is usually a protective cover
Fact 6 Stinking thinking leads to stress
Fact 7 You can move those mountains of sh** – homework & organisation
Fact 8 Anger – it can be good, it can be dangerous – your choice
Fact 9 Depression and self-esteem – you can raise them both
Fact 10 Actors and reactors – they separate the boys from the men
Fact 11 When the going gets tough you need resilience
Fact 12 Atticus Finch got it wrong!
Fact 13 Fear and Risk – you need these experiences!
Fact 14 Little pricks discriminate and are unhappy
Fact 15 Boys can tell adults what works and what doesn’t in terms of communicating with them
Fact 16 Boys can be educators (1). A group of angry boys can be positively powerful and a group of socially withdrawn boys can become effective communicators
Fact 17 Boys can be educators (2). Boys can conduct informative parent evenings
Fact 18 Medusa, the pet snake, aids therapy
Fact 19 Teachers know what works and what doesn’t in educating boys
Fact 20 This wellbeing model for schools, works!
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Pascal began his working life as a primary teacher. He later lived in Europe for four years, studying and teaching. Back in Australia, this was followed by nine years of working with youth, in both club and school settings. Pascal has worked at four large secondary boys’ colleges where his work has included: nine years of teaching in the subject areas of English and Psychology and eighteen years as senior counsellor. He has also been a sessional lecturer at the University of Melbourne in the Faculty of Education, teaching in the Masters of Education, Diploma of Education, and the Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies (Student Welfare) programmes. He is currently employed at a boys’ secondary college as Director of Student Wellbeing and conducts his own private counselling practice in inner Melbourne. Pascal’s educational qualifications include: Diploma of Teaching; Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration); Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health; Advanced Diploma of Gestalt Psychotherapy; and Master of Counselling. He is a member of: the Victorian Institute of Teaching; Gestalt Australia New Zealand; and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia.

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Published : October 2011
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