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Captain G-String

J.P. Borsini

How would you define passion? If your answer is love and anger rolled into a tight ball in the pit of your gut then you just meet the main character Storm.

This is a story based on true events set amongst the beautiful waterways of Sydney Harbour and the stunning Northern beaches.

With a fire in his belly to succeed and a passion for the ocean read how the main character literally creates a storm of controversy as he creates an ice cream boat business on one of the world’s most legendary harbours.

From an early age he realises just how expensive a commodity it is to be considered as not normal. A price he pays in equal amounts blood and tears. That is until he learns how to do the business as he calls it.

Graduating from university bad ass his new mantra becomes ‘normal is overrated’ embracing his abnormality he doesn’t take a backward step in thirty years as he sets about building his business and chasing his dreams. Not to mention settle the odd debt along the way.

Be it a turf war on the harbour or earning his right of passage in surfing his local break he never seems to be out of trouble. Loved by some hated by others virtually everyone had an opinion but very few truly knew him. 

This book is dedicated to all the mavericks out there. We keep society honest. Stay true to yourself and live your own dreams.

About the Author

Jean Pierre Borsini was born in Sydney Australia in 1966 where he has lived on the Northern Beaches his entire life. He has always had an affinity with the ocean and spent a lifetime surfing, diving and fishing along his local Northern Beaches.

In his early years of his childhood he grew up amongst the tough breed of men the waterfront attracts which become the catalyst for some of the characters he writes about. At the age of eighteen he started a business selling ice creams and drinks by boat to the secluded nudist beaches of stunning Sydney harbour, a business he operates to the present day.

JP's professional life has always been on the water, employed both privately and commercially to safely command vessels of many and varied description. He currently works as a Tug Master in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay, assisting large ships navigating the ports. During his spare time he volunteers his Master's qualifications to assist Sea Shepherd and their fleet of ships involved in the protection of whales and ocean conservation.

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ISBN: 978-1-925171-85-3 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 378 pages
RRP: USD $5.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Fiction / General