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The the bones blossomed

Charlotte O'Neill

a manifesto for tomorrow

Of course, we could write nothing at all.

We could burn the papers. Drain the ink.

Wipe the letters off the pages and leave them clean.

We could run until we stopped tasting thought on our tongues.

We could forget. But I do not want to drown, but to gasp for breath on the surface,
sink a thousand times and return, strengthen my gills and learn to breathe water and speak fire.


About the Author

Brian Kavanagh - Author

Charlotte is a contemporary Australian poet and writer. She writes on a variety of themes involving women's experience, cultural and social issues affecting the youth, grief, trauma and mental illness. Her writing is deeply connected to and informed by a connection to the natural world, and the ongoing human experience. This is her debut poetry collection.



The the bones blossomed by Charlotte O'Neill
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ISBN: 978-1-925681-60-4
Format: Paperback 181mm x 112mm
Extent: 48 pages
RRP: $20.00
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Poetry
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