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Choosing Xaverique

Karyn Sepulveda


Reality and fantasy collide when Noah and Gabby meet. Both have secrets: they are not human, cannot be killed and are falling in love with each other.

Gabby Valis is a regular fifteen year old; her biggest worries in life are friends, boys and her annoying brother Zac. But her life is shattered the day she finds out she is not human. She had no idea she belonged to a secret species which has evolved from humans; ‘Xaveriques’. After being hit by a car, her body is forced to heal itself, and Gabby’s powers are unleashed…

‘I died this morning. At exactly 8.17am my heart stopped beating and I lay cold and still in the street. At 8.24am my heart resumed beating, I jumped up from the dusty pavement and ran home. Confused? Well, that makes two of us.’


In the News

"Debut novel raises funds for charity" - Daily Telegraph, April 4, 2016



About the Author

Karyn Sepulveda - author

Karyn comes from a background in teaching and theatre. Teaching drama, and writing and directing Theatre in Education productions. She’s always loved creating stories and characters, so completed a Masters in Creative Writing at Macquarie University. It was here that her journey of writing Choosing Xaverique began. Now, six years later, she is just a little bit thrilled it has finally been published! Karyn is currently working on the sequel to Choosing Xaverique, slated for completion later this year.

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Choosing Xaverique by Karyn Sepulveda
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ISBN: 978-1-925442-28-1
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 160 pages
RRP: $14.95 (Free postage)
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Young Adult Fiction - Fantasy


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