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Erica Williams

Welcome to species appropriate feeding. This book explains what food the canine species is designed to eat to truly nourish their bodies and includes great recipes for meals and treats - real food for dogs.

As the trend toward healthy eating continues, many people are wondering whether it would be possible to move to a more natural diet for their beloved pets.

Dog owners around the world are asking these questions:

  • Why should my dog eat the same meal every day his whole life?
  • Is it healthy to feed the same food his whole life?
  • What is healthy for dogs?
  • What is natural for dogs?
  • Is it safe for me to feed my dog food that I prepare?
  • My dog is overweight, even on specially formulated commercial food – why?
  • Why is my dog itchy, scratchy and smelly?
  • I’d like to try home feeding, but how do I find time to do it?
  • I don’t think commercial dog food is great, but what else do I feed?

FeedWell is about preparing and feeding delicious and healthy food to your dog that is natural and appropriate to all members of the canine species (i.e. suited to their bodies and digestive systems and therefore healthy for them).

This book will empower dog owners to give their dog excellent nutrition with a built‑in fun factor.  As a bonus, I’ve even come across people who have introduced their dog to natural feeding, seen the benefits and then realised that they could benefit from a change in their own nutrition plan!

Erica Williams

From ‘sleep-on-the-bed’ type dogs to rough, tough working dogs, all will experience increased vitality and many other improvements in health and disposition from the food their bodies are designed to eat and thrive on.



A Word from the Author...

Erica Williams

I have been passionate about health through natural nutrition for humans and animals for many years.  After changing my eating some years ago and seeing an almost instant benefit to my health, I began to seek a better way to feed my pets (a dog and 2 cats), who absolutely hated their commercial food.

I began by looking at the ingredients in the food I was feeding and was amazed at what was in the purportedly ‘top of the range’ pet food I was buying.  I simply knew there was something better for my dog and cats and became determined to find it. 



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Published : August 2008
Format : Paperback 122pp
RRP: $24.95
ISBN : 9780980493450
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
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