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2017? How to Survive

Kevin Staffa

Road-Testing the Options, Looking for Loopholes

Unless you live down a mineshaft you are probably wondering whether the writing is on the wall for humankind.   You may stress about the nuclear club growing with members such as North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.  Why is it that our efforts to prevent a nuclear holocaust in this generation will fail? Or we may be decimated within a few years as a result of the global warming or fulfillment of divine prophecy.  Why is there such prophecy and will it prove true?    Why is 2017 a key date to watch out for?  Maybe you think you’re safe because you’re a mainstream Christian or a non-believer.  Find out why being an atheist, or Roman Catholic or a Protestant is probably a death sentence; and why the same is true of Muslims. But there is a way – just one way – out of all this, and this book reveals it!

Kevin Staffa has researched issues that affect his family and yours; namely, the evidence that plainly points to the fact that this generation of humanity will experience cataclysmic end-time events; as the result of a prophetic blueprint written down and preserved for thousands of years.  It’s already under way.




Kevin Staffa is a self-employed Lawyer with his own law practice in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, where he lives with his wife and university-aged daughter.



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Published : SEPTEMBER 2008
Format : Paperback 442pp
RRP: $39.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980493498
Publisher : VIVID Publishing