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My System - Your System

Kathleen Walter

Budgeting made simple for everyone


This BOOK can put you on track with your finances!-
Not the bank’s SYSTEM, not my SYSTEM, YOUR own personal SYSTEM!
Do you want to remove any financial stress that you may have? Budgeting made simple for everyone
My System is set up for you to make it Your System for the future, your future.

Do you want to know how to CRUNCH your hard earned $$$$.
Well this easy budgeting SYSTEM is for you.

How much money do I need to put this in place?
Your OWN incoming $$$$ is all you need to set this up.

What type of budgeting system do you use?
My book explains My System, designed by myself in 1977 & it’s never let me down.

Do I need a computer?
NO, Manual or Spreadsheet, it’s your choice.

What if My System - Your System does not work for me?
My System does have in place a purpose, budgeting. My System does need you to restrain from going off track, or it will not succeed, the good news is you can always start again.

What is the purpose of this book?
To know where any incoming $$$$ went. How it is spent? Maybe adjustments can be made to make it better? Can my system allow for a holiday, pay extra on the home loan? Allow extra spending money? So once the most important FINANCIAL AREAS are covered, one can see on paper exactly how the finances are building up and will continue to do so! It is fun, to hold the purse strings, you will feel secure, positive, and have control of what money you have, where it’s going, what you need to do, and, above all, you will accomplish discipline, strength within yourself, confidence and an amazing new attitude towards spending. The purpose of putting this in print is to help others to be financially free, not to be financially stressed!
You never have to worry about your financials again, as once in place, you can adjust to suit your lifestyle as it changes, also your income, whether it increases or decreases.


About the Author

Kathleen Walter

Kathleen first started her system in 1977 when she separated and became a single mum with one daughter. She then remarried and had twin daughters.
Kathleen says, "We have never looked back. We had three children under three and just one income. We could not afford daycare, and in any case daycare, as it is known today, was not available for most people.
We had 18% interest on our mortgage. Granted a family home only cost around $40,000 AUD back then, but remember our incomes were in line with that, so money was just as tight then as it is now.
I grew up in a government house, as we used to call them, and at that time government housing was plentiful, but we went ahead and purchased our block of land to build our own home on it.
My husband and I were never very high-income earners but my system has allowed us to travel and live a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle."



My System - Your System - Budgeting made simple for everyone by Kathleen Walter
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