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Note to Self

K.K. Stavridis

Memoirs of a Solo Married Traveller

The day Star Bella’s life changed from being a twenty-something year old overweight and unhappy, married, suburban homeowner working fulltime in a call-centre based job that she despises, to that of a sassy, happy and healthy woman, was when she received an invitation to attend her husband’s cousin’s wedding in Italy.

Debt-ridden yet determined to make it happen regardless of the consequences, it was the perfect opportunity to have some fun before finally committing to the idea of procreating, which had been put off by the couple due to a fear of supporting each other’s DNA. Her husband didn’t make the trip, and so she became a solo-married traveller exploring different pastures… in more ways than one, leading to an alcoholic beverage ridden life-changing adventure of self-discovery.

From the characters she meets who teach her invaluable life lessons, to the realisation that the past must be let go of, every aspect of her journey formed defining moments in the discovery of what matters most. On returning to Australia she realises she’d been surviving a not so copasetic existence clouded by way too many glasses of wine, cigarettes and a bitten tongue, all in an attempt to make it through the day in Boringville. Throwing it all away, Star welcomes her new life via an unfamiliar road, where destiny plants some surprising pit stops, making the journey all the more entertaining and enjoyable.


About the Author

Author K.K Stavridis was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, graduated high school in Arizona, USA, and now calls Australia home. She has enjoyed a successful career working in the film and television production industry, as well as teaching scriptwriting to diploma students. She loves nothing better than spending time with her loving partner, family and friends.










Note to Self: Memoirs of a Solo Married Traveller by K.K. Stavridis


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