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Skilled in Magic

Gemma Kirkman

Five Go Into the Dark Worlds

Four orphaned children. A remote farm and a strange guardian.

Each child has a hidden gift and together they will become skilled in magic, a circle of sorcerers. But first they must harness their separate powers and uncover the mystery of their birthright.

The eccentric Professor holds secrets too. Through him, they learn the tragic truth of their parents’ death and inherit a magic quest. Embarking on a reckless rescue mission to three dark worlds controlled by the evil sorcerer, Lord Mediarn, the children are tested by danger and heartbreak.

What is the greater magical power that they must claim? And why are five more powerful than four? Only by heroic measures may they hope to defeat the dark wizard and release the worlds he has held captive for so long.


Book Release 28th July, 2018


About the Author

Gemma Kirkman lives in Melbourne.  Her favourite author is Enid Blyton and when not dipping into a book or scribbling a story, Gemma travels.  Called by strange and faraway lands, she has visited almost every continent and trekked many mountains, including an active volcano.  Over fifteen years in the making, the enchanted worlds of her ‘Skilled in Magic’ series have enough intrigue, surprise twists and magical mayhem to keep young fantasy-lovers clinging to the pages and clamouring for more.



Skilled in Magic by Gemma Kirkman
ISBN: 978-1-925681-53-6 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-925681-80-2 (hardcover)
Format: Paperback 216mm x 140mm
Extent: 248 pages
RRP: $17.95 (paperback) / $25.95 (hardcover)
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Children's Fiction
Distribution: Contact Vivid


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