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The Balkans Conspiracy

Vladimir Orsag

The Balkans Conspiracy is a novel based on the history of Hrvatska (Croatia), and the numerous inconsistencies and incorrect information which were published in two well documented books on Tito and have been perpetuated by an unusual agreement between Western and Eastern intelligence fraternities. As the novel shows, the devastating effects of this deliberate misinformation persist in the Balkans even now.
The author is not responsible for any misinterpretation of facts. If it had been possible to have access to the dossiers of NKVD/KGB, CIA, MI5/MI6, ABWEHR/BND, ASIO or UDBA, then it would have been much easier to establish what is incorrect information, deliberate disinformation or just an oversight. However, the lack of such access leaves it up to readers to distinguish fact from fiction.

‘... should be compulsory reading for those who need to grasp more fully the meaning of the disruption of the Austro-Hungarian empire, the impact of totalitarianism and the world wars and resulting contribution of Central Europeans to multicultural America and Australia.’
Dr. John Eddy, SJ.,BA., ANU & USA

‘... it is evident that it adheres to the real story of tragedy, which was created by Tito, lived through and endured by countless Yugoslavians.’
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

‘As I grew up in Hitler’s Germany, until able to find refuge elsewhere, I am well aware of the pervading atmosphere of suspicion and intolerance which author evokes so skilfully in his novel.’
Professor Ralph Elliott AM, ANU

‘... l do hope it goes on to reach a wider audience. The crisis in the Balkans continue and it is so important we keep abreast.’
The Hon. Tony Benn, MP, House of Commons

‘... your theory, which is much more than theory in my opinion.’
Chapman Pincher, the author of Their Trade is Treachery


About the Author

Vladimir Orsag

Vladimir Orsag is the author of this modern historical novel, based on a ‘factual error’ instigated by a former British intelligence officer, S.0.E. in Zagreb where the author was born. The author is the recipient of many literary awards in poetry and prose.



The Balkans Conspiracy by Vladimir Orsag
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