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How to Write a Winning Resume

Rebecca Fraser

A Proven Method

Even though your résumé is the most important document in your career, writing it is not something to look forward to. Not knowing where to start or what to include makes it hard to start and in a lot of instances, hard to finish. Whether you are using the résumé for a direct application, or to upload to online professional networking sites, understanding the strategies that the professionals use to short list applicants and the most effective writing style will improve your chances of being invited to interview.

If you are a student or a senior level executive, this book has been written to give you a clear understanding of what really is a résumé. The content in this book provides you with the theory behind a résumé, the purpose of the résumé (for both the applicant and the recruiter), content that is beneficial to highlight on your résumé and the different styles of a résumé. Once you understand the basics and purpose of this extremely important document, the book then provides descriptions for each recommended résumé section. Most importantly, several different résumés written for specific clients are included to support your own résumé development.


About the Author

Rebecca Fraser

Rebecca Fraser operates as a Professional Resumè Writer and Career Development Practitioner in Australia and is recognised as a specialist in her field. Rebecca is an Australian accredited career development practitioner, internationally accredited résumé writer and internationally certified coach. Rebecca provides training to individuals and industry practitioners and is a member of the Victorian board for the Career Development Association of Australia. Rebecca’s professional experience spans numerous industries in positions related to HR, IT and organisational development. In this book, Rebecca is providing techniques and knowledge that she has gained over many years. Rebecca’s insight is recognised as helping individuals to understand how to most effectively market their skills to prospective employers and recruiters alike.



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