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Fiona Smith


The first book of my series of 4 books, ‘Evidence for Creation: a tour through some east-Australian Zoos’, highlights the incredible design and beauty that we see in our animal life. This, I believe, is the most obvious evidence of an awesome Creative mind behind the nature of the world, as opposed to just chance and time forming what we see. Life shows such design that is best described by creation, and not by evolution.

My second book, ‘A Biblical Perspective of east Australian Geology’, refutes the long ages paradigm presently taught in schools and universities as ‘fact’, and describes our east Australian rocks and landscapes in terms of the global, cataclysmic Flood … which, obviously, really happened.

The third book, ‘Contemplating Infinity: A Mathematical Insight into God’s Nature’, highlights the mathematical (i.e. computational) basis of our Universe and the mathematical impossibility of the Universe occurring by chance. This evidence demands that there is a great mathematical Genius behind our Universe!

Finally, this book, ‘Providence’, gives a medley of apologetics (i.e. answers to the sceptics) and descriptions of some provisions that makes our Universe so finely tuned for enjoyable habitation on Earth. (Please note: I couldn’t cover all of the provisions.) It also shows how there are presently two science worldviews (the Biblical and the hijacked versions) and gives some interesting theological insights which I sincerely believe to be correct (but others may disagree). These thoughts are provided to challenge discussion and not to ‘teach’.

Each book has been written to be academically rigorous and can serve as an upper high school textbook. Each book contains Review Questions at the end of each section, plus Answers, and a Glossary of terms that may be new to the reader.


About the Author

Fiona Smith

Fiona was born in Sydney, and now lives south of Wollongong, NSW.
She was a high school science/maths teacher for over 20 years – teaching biology, geology and physics at the senior level.
She taught primarily in the NSW state system, but also in a private school, in Victoria and in England.
Her qualifications are B.Sc., Dip.Ed., and M.C.Ed.
The concern that has prompted her to write Biblical apologetic books was the limited resources for an apologetic for creation, at a level of academic rigour expected in upper high school.
(The evidence for special creation is certainly available. Unfortunately, it is presently not taught at an academic level.)
Fiona has now written 3 other books: Evidence for Creation, A Biblical Perspective, and Contemplating Infinity.







Providence by Fiona Smith
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