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21 Questions for a 21st Century Army: being the Salvos now.

Grant Sandercock-Brown


The Salvos are part of the fabric of Australian culture. This once rag-tag mob of 19th Century evangelists has morphed into a much loved Christian charity. This is both gratifying and challenging. How do we balance the Christian bit and the charity bit? How are we Salvos to understand our place in the wider church? In what ways are we like and unlike other Christian groups and churches? Do these differences matter? How can we make a difference in Australia? What is the future for us? This thought provoking book asks some important questions, and provides some answers, for the Salvos in the 21st Century.


About the Author

Grant Sandercock-Brown is a Salvation Army officer in the Australian Eastern Territory and is currently on staff at Booth College Sydney. He has a degree in music education, an MA from Morling College, and a D.Min from Asbury Theological Seminary.









21 Questions for a 21st Century Army: Being the Salvos Now by Grant Sandercock-Brown
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