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Vivid Publishing, an imprint of Fontaine Press, is a proudly independent Australian book publisher. We publish a wide variety of quality books by Australian authors, from small read-for-pleasure paperbacks, how-to, self-improvement and business titles, full colour childrens books right through to premium coffee-table hardcover books. Explore our Showcase Titles below, or view our most recent releases in the Latest Books section. You can also search for the author or book title here:

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Ten Year On by Melanie Harris-Brady

Ten Years On
A personal account of Black Saturday and the decade that followed
Melanie Harris-Brady

The devastating fires in Victoria on Black Saturday, 7 February 2009, destroyed over 2,000 homes and killed 173 people.

Life goes on—a dear friend becomes a husband, a new home is built, a son is born. Making jams and chutneys is her therapy, and each year around the 7th of February, friends and family gather: passata is made, wine is drunk. Read More »

Not My Father
 by Julie Kay.


Not My Father
Julie Kay

Sometimes, family treasures hold the key to family secrets…

While packing up the family home, Danny’s daughter, Jules, finds a black box hidden at the back of his wardrobe. Danny suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome and has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. The unexpected contents of his box take Jules and her sister on a journey to find out what really happened to their father in occupied Japan after the war.
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Helium and Honey

Showcase: Non Fiction

Murray-Darling Journeys 
by Angela & Mike Bremers .

Murray-Darling Journeys
Angela & Mike Bremers

Murray-Darling Journeys explores the history of significant journeys in human-powered craft on the rivers of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin over the last 200 years. This book provides a comprehensive listing of over 430 published accounts. Read More »

. Dirty Girl by Julie Wills .

Lives Interrupted
Women and Gynaecological Cancer
David Allen & Genevieve Green

Lives Interrupted delivers up-to-date information on cancer therapy, offers insights into the complex journey faced by women diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer, and traces a woman’s very personal path through the treatment of her illness.
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. .

Building Your Bali Home Villa 
by Guy Morgan  

Building Your Bali Dream Home Villa
Guy Morgan

Everything you need to know about building your dream villa in Bali. From sourcing land, putting together your team and creating a brief to dealing with construction, finding the right fixtures and fittings and living happily ever after in Bali. Illustrated with many beautiful and inspiring shots of some of Bali’s best known villas.

Guy has compiled his experience into a book that will inspire dreamers, inform doers, and demystify much of the process of turning a vision of tropical paradise into a reality.
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Storytelling for Job Interviews
by Gabrielle Dolan  

Storytelling for Job Interviews
Gabrielle Dolan

Do you go for lots of interviews but fail to get the job? Ever been told you don’t have the ‘right fit’ for the organisation? Maybe you’re new to the workforce, or returning after an extended break and struggling to make an impression? Read More »

  Commodores Messenger by Janis Gillham Grady  

Commodores Messenger
Janis Gillham Grady

At age 12 Janis was thrust into a role that no one, not even L. Ron Hubbard himself, could have predicted the outcome, for within not too many years Janis and her fellow Commodore’s Messengers, as they were called, would be running the whole of International Scientology.
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Showcase: Fiction

On the Hooves of Horses 
by Emma Taylor  

On the Hooves of Horses
Emma Taylor

A suicide. A new hometown. A new beginning. That’s just what the Millers need after the death of their beloved daughter and twin sister, Haylie. But how can Jayde move forward when each night her nightmares take her back. Back to search for answers, to search for herself. Will she be strong enough to handle what she discovers? Read More »

  Helium and Honey 
by David Tooby  

Helium and Honey
David Tooby

Helium and Honey is a gripping story of mateship, adventure and discovery set in a rugged and remote environment. Tooby writes with passion and authority, sensitively portraying his complex characters and their fraught interactions. Helium and Honey asserts Tooby as a talented writer of the Australian landscape and the rich characters that people it.. Read More

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Douglas Cooney

Join Dave, a young Aussie surfer, on a transformational road trip across the country that will leave you feeling anything’s possible. Gather your courage, jump in the van and come along for the ride... Read More »

  Life and Death in Nakano-Ku 
by Michael Goodsell  

Life and Death
in Nakano-Ku

Michael Goodsell

Intelligent and subversive, interconnected and intriguing, Life and Death in Nakano-ku is a genre-defying collection of tales from the strange and disturbing but also playful mind of Michael Goodsell.

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by Thomas Heffernan  

Thomas Heffernan

Love, sacifice and the brutal beauty of mortality

A terrifying, visceral journey into the dark reaches of the soul, Fabel is a story of love, sacrifice, and the brutal beauty of mortality. Read More »


Why Shouldn't I Call My Son Clint?
David Hocking

Over 11,000 books sold so far!
Using secret sounds of names as a predictor of personality. Like a tiny piece of personalised music, each of us has a name that, like all sounds, evokes some small and subconscious response from those we meet. Read More »

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Mango Bridge Club 
by Annette Corkhill  

Mango Bridge Club
Annette Corkhill
For the elderly bridge players of Mango, the bridge club is their reason to get up in the morning. But they soon find their beloved club under attack. The warring committee is bent on achieving absolutely nothing. Even worse, they face a threat from a dodgy shire councillor and a nosy neighbour-cum-erotic robot inventor.
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Of White and Shady
Robert Verlander

Michel White can almost taste the money. The death of his grandfather Tick Tock has given him the break he craves. There’s just one catch: the long-forgotten Shady Green. The man who stands between Michel and a fortune is on his way back to stake his claim. Read More »

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Showcase: Childrens / Youth

The Trouble with André 
Farnaz Zirakbash

The Trouble with André
Farnaz Zirakbash

A charming children’s book for 5-7 year-olds and for families with sick pets or children with diabetes. This true story shows the magic of love—how it can transform the lives of humans and animals alike and help us to live with difficulty and illness. With his health well cared for, André can run, play and smile, and bring joy to the one who loves him.Read More »



The Boy
                                      Who Jumped But Didn't Land by Ross

The Boy Who Jumped
But Didn't Land

Ross Thornton

What if you had to disappear in order to be seen?

Twelve-year-old Tamara Dawes is a psychic investigator for the New York City Police Department. Her visions and dreams help catch the worst criminals in the most mysterious cases. When she’s called on to help with the strange case of a boy who leaps off a building and simply vanishes, she uncovers a plot with both horror and wonder at its heart. Read More »

Jail Road Shadows by 
Brendan Murray                                      Brazier

Jail Road Shadows
Brendan Murray

It's 1964 and only weeks since the last man hanged in Western Australia but there are already demons stepping up to cast their shadows in the state’s port city. Billy (Bam) McCallum becomes a target for one of these predators after a gut-wrenching encounter that stirs his summer and of those closest to him in his tight community. He soon learns that staying alive is all about staying alert. Read More »

. .


Della Mortika by Geraldine F.

Della Mortika
Geraldine F. Martin

Steampunk Adventures

The Della Morte family, steampunk inventors, set out on a journey from England to Melbourne in the Antipodes in 1888 in their flailing ship Invention. What they expected to be an uneventful trip turns out to be anything but. This is a book for anyone who loves adventure and intrigue set in a steampunk world very different from our own.
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My Daddys Got Tattoos by Andy

My Daddys Got Tattoos
Andy White

My Daddy’s Got Tattoos is the children’s book for the offspring of the inked.
The story explores family relationships through a child’s imagination, revealing that everybody looks funny to somebody. It is perfect for anybody who feels different or loves somebody who is.
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. .

Showcase: Business

The Revenue Revolution for
                                      Law Firms by Matt Schlyder  

The Revenue Revolution for Law Firms
Matt Schlyder

The Revenue Revolution for Law Firms is designed to guide your legal practice to achieve long-term PROFITABILITY and CASH FLOW success.

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Accounting Practices Don't Add Up!
Rob Nixon

What your clients want is an accounting firm that looks to the future and provides them with timely advice on what they should be doing now to improve their businesses and ultimately to help them achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Read More »

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The Effective Change Manager
 by Change Management Institute  

The Effective Change Manager
Change Management Institute
This first edition The Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) draws on the experience of more than six hundred change management professionals in thirty countries. Read More »

  103 Tax Haven Escapes
 by Darren Gleeson                                    on Indigenous Digital Excellence  

103 Tax Haven Escapes
Darren Gleeson
103 Tax Haven Escapes sheds some light on tax havens, and takes away some of the mystery. You will learn about what they are, how they work, where they are, and why they are so popular. Read More »

. .
Showcase: Mind, Body & Spirit
My Hip Goddess 
by Dawn Atkin  

My Hip Goddess
Dawn Atkin

A Midlife Awakening to the Wild Feminine Within
Laugh, cry and be empowered. Darkly funny, this is a moody, provocative and poetic journey towards hip replacement, sisterhood and releasing your inner goddess.

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  77th Pearl 
by Shamot Sesju  

77th Pearl
Shamot Sesju

The secret teachings of Jesus decoded for the twenty-first century

Over two thousand years ago a being was tasked with delivering an important message to a planet, in a distant galaxy. That being was called Jesus. Read More »

. .


The Healing Art of Spirit 
by Charmaine Wilson

The Healing Art of Spirit
Charmaine Wilson

Love & loss, life & the afterlife

The Healing Art of Spirit is a compassionate guide for those seeking solace after the loss of a loved one. When the world as you knew it ends, and everyone around you continues on, how will you find your new normal? Read More »

  Zen Surfer 
by Ross Dadds

Zen Surfer
Ross Dadds

When Australian surf instructor and healer, Ramón Joyce, is charged with the unlikely goal of uniting humanity, a Nepalese holy man entrusts him with ‘The Brahman Bible’. This ancient text has the power to fulfil Einstein’s quest for a ‘Unified Theory’, the Holy Grail of modern physics. Read More »

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Jesus of the Books 
by Paul George

Jesus of the Books
Paul George

A Pragmatic History of the Early Church
Festinger et al in When Prophecy Fails, (1955) shows clearly that beliefs arise ex nihilo. As long as there is sufficient expectation, commitment and logic behind the belief it will prosper. In fact, Festinger showed that disappointed prophecies actually make believers more fervent. Read More »

  Mind, Body & Spirit

Transform Your Life
Fiona Briffa

Fiona Briffa has demystified and simplified the process of personal development and life change in this inspiring ‘how to’ book. After completely transforming her own life, she spent years studying and coaching others.
In this book, she shares her struggles, triumphs and her easy-to-use self-assessment and planning tools .Read More »

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Showcase: Coffee Table + Photographic

On Active Service by 
Louise Higham                                      Books

On Active Service
Louise Higham

A Biographical Dictionary of WILLIAMS

On Active Service is not just a record of military service by the residents of Williams, it is a social history of a rural community in Western Australia.

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Coffee Table + Photographic

Middleton Beach
Murray Arnold

"So many tales of old Middleton Beach exist that it is important that these are laid down for future generations. Middleton Beach is constantly changing in character so it is easy to forget the old - and even quite recent - times. This book recalls those memories and brings them to life to make it a most valuable contribution to the written history of Albany, Western Australia’s first European settlement." Read More »

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Showcase: Custom Publishing
Custom Book Publishing

Fontaine Publishing Group offers a complete custom publishing service, working with business and organisations to produce a range of products, from small promotional paperbacks right through to beautifully bound full colour coffee-table books.
The marketing impact and staying power of words and images printed and bound between covers cannot be underestimated in today’s media saturated world – our tailored publishing solutions will ensure your message stands out in the crowd at a cost to suit any budget.
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