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Vivid Publishing, an imprint of Fontaine Press, is a proudly independent Australian book publisher. We publish a wide variety of quality books by Australian authors, from small read-for-pleasure paperbacks, how-to, self-improvement and business titles, full colour childrens books right through to premium coffee-table hardcover books. Explore our Showcase Titles below, view our most recent releases in the 'Latest Books' section, or search for our titles and authors here search


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Showcase: Latest Release  

Couldn’t Wouldn’t Didn’t by
                                      Wilamina Falkenhagen

Couldn’t Wouldn’t Didn’t
Wilamina Falkenhagen

What if you never have a baby? Will you live a perfectly fulfilled life or will you regret it?
This book explores the lives of ten everyday women ranging in age, profession, relationship status and upbringing that either by choice or circumstance have one thing in common, they have not given birth. This is a must read book for any woman faced with the life-altering question – will I have a baby?
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Without My Mum
 by Leigh Van Der Horst                                    John Hunt

Without My Mum
Leigh Van Der Horst

"Without My Mum is a moving account of a beautiful, close relationship between a mother and her treasured daughter as they are forced to say goodbye. Leigh’s candid, humorous and heartfelt narrative, together with a collection of stories and wisdom from others who have walked a similar path, are authentic, uniting and ultimately inspiring. It’s a laugh-out-loud, sob-a-little-uncontrollably kind of book that will resonate with any parent or carer. I adored it!" - Jools Oliver
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Remaining Relevant by Rob Nixon

Showcase: Non Fiction



Lentil as Anything
Shanaka Fernando

Lentil as Anything strips back the labels that have been slapped onto Shanaka’s media-built poster boy persona and gives us an insight into some of the experiences that have shaped the man he has become.
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I am Catherine Jane
Catherine Jane Fisher

Jane, an Australian mother of three, was raped by a U.S. Navy sailor in Yokosuka, Japan. After reporting the rape, Ms Fisher was detained in the local police station without medical attention or support of any kind, and was subjected to over 12 hours of interrogation.
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Njinga by  
Kate Leeming  

Kate Leeming
A world-first cycle expedition across Africa from Senegal to Somalia
The story of Kate Leeming’s astonishing 22,000-kilometre trek by bicycle across Africa – dodging rebels, insurgents and Somali pirates and exotic and dangerous wildlife while battling extreme conditions, is more than a story of mental grit and physical endurance. Read More »

  The View From the Clouds 
by John Hunt                                    on Indigenous Digital Excellence  

The View From the Clouds
John Hunt
The remarkable story of one of race calling's favourite sons

The View From The Clouds is a testament to one man’s love for all things horses, given free reign through the arcane pursuit of race broadcasting.. Read More »

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Showcase: Fiction


Douglas Cooney

Join Dave, a young Aussie surfer, on a transformational road trip across the country that will leave you feeling anything’s possible. Gather your courage, jump in the van and come along for the ride... Read More »

  Dead Fishy  

Dead Fishy
Derek Hansen

This special edition was produced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dead Fishy. This novel-length book contains a collection of short stories about fishing and sex, fishing and murder, fishing and cross-dressing, romance, betrayal, revenge and interesting ways of cooking seafood. If features killer marlin, killer crabs, transcendental lobsters, really quirky people and some rather nice sauvignon blancs. Read More

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Bruce L. Russell

Set in Sydney’s Royal National Park, Reunion is both a sombre mystery and an uplifting love story from Hungerford Award winning writer Bruce Russell, with ‘an easy style, a talent for dialogue and an eye that dissects social mores with unassuming clarity’. Read More »


Why Shouldn't I Call My Son Clint?
David Hocking

Over 15,000 books sold so far!
Using secret sounds of names as a predictor of personality. Like a tiny piece of personalised music, each of us has a name that, like all sounds, evokes some small and subconscious response from those we meet. Read More »

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Showcase: Childrens / Youth

Wobbly Jim

Wobbly Jim
Kate Toon & Will Pearce

Small friends can make big allies. Wobbly Jim is the tale of a pirate with a wooden leg and a taste for dolphin wee. His is a story of triumph over adversity, friendship, loyalty and adventure. Read More »


Kelly Theobald & Paul Nash

Deep in the Australian outback, in a town called Birdsville, Onslo the blue Volkswagen Beetle dreams of adventures in the beautiful Simpson Desert. Read More »

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The Boy
                                      Who Jumped But Didn't Land by Ross

The Boy Who Jumped
But Didn't Land

Ross Thornton

What if you had to disappear in order to be seen?

Twelve-year-old Tamara Dawes is a psychic investigator for the New York City Police Department. Her visions and dreams help catch the worst criminals in the most mysterious cases. When she’s called on to help with the strange case of a boy who leaps off a building and simply vanishes, she uncovers a plot with both horror and wonder at its heart. Read More »

Zach Zephyr by Vaughan

Zach Zephyr
Vaughan Brazier

Zach Zephyr likes things X-treme. Sports that is. But things don't get much more extreme than being chased by a tiger shark, tackling a tropical cyclone or scuba diving for buried treasure.

Visiting the Coral Islands with his father, Zach is swept up in a scuba diving treasure hunt with his new friend Ali. There's Eco-Max adventure aplenty as Zach and Ali try to stay ahead of the Compteur brothers and find the secret location of the long lost gold coins. Read More »

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Della Mortika by Geraldine F.

Della Mortika
Geraldine F. Martin

Steampunk Adventures

The Della Morte family, steampunk inventors, set out on a journey from England to Melbourne in the Antipodes in 1888 in their flailing ship Invention. What they expected to be an uneventful trip turns out to be anything but. This is a book for anyone who loves adventure and intrigue set in a steampunk world very different from our own.
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My Daddys Got Tattoos by Andy

My Daddys Got Tattoos
Andy White

My Daddy’s Got Tattoos is the children’s book for the offspring of the inked.
The story explores family relationships through a child’s imagination, revealing that everybody looks funny to somebody. It is perfect for anybody who feels different or loves somebody who is.
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Showcase: Business

The Revenue Revolution for
                                      Law Firms by Matt Schlyder  

The Revenue Revolution for Law Firms
Matt Schlyder

The Revenue Revolution for Law Firms is designed to guide your legal practice to achieve long-term PROFITABILITY and CASH FLOW success.

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Accounting Practices Don't Add Up!
Rob Nixon

What your clients want is an accounting firm that looks to the future and provides them with timely advice on what they should be doing now to improve their businesses and ultimately to help them achieve their financial and lifestyle goals. Read More »

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The Effective Change Manager
 by Change Management Institute  

The Effective Change Manager
Change Management Institute
This first edition The Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) draws on the experience of more than six hundred change management professionals in thirty countries. Read More »

  Making the Connection: A Essays
                                    on Indigenous Digital Excellence  

Making the Connection

A Essays on Indigenous Digital Excellence
Making the Connection records a range of perspectives about the path to digital excellence: from the social media practitioner to the corporate CEO; from stakeholders in remote areas to city locations; from the academic perspectives to those who will make change happen. Read More »

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Showcase: Mind, Body & Spirit

Mind, Body & Spirit  

Beyond Belief
James F. Coyle

If you were told that you could use your mind to influence a slot machine or dice fall....would you find this beyond belief? If you were told that you could use your mind in a telepathic manner to influence the thinking pattern of another individual or group of people...would you believe it? Read More »

  Mind, Body & Spirit  

Transform Your Life
Fiona Briffa

Fiona Briffa has demystified and simplified the process of personal development and life change in this inspiring ‘how to’ book. After completely transforming her own life, she spent years studying and coaching others.
In this book, she shares her struggles, triumphs and her easy-to-use self-assessment and planning tools .Read More »

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Showcase: Coffee Table + Photographic

Coffee Table + Photographic

I, Cott Dog
David Hocking

"It's funny, and quite fascinating" - SCOOP Magazine. Snapshot of life in Cottesloe, Western Australia, as told almost exclusively through the eyes of its dogs (and their owners). Read More »

Coffee Table + Photographic

Jinkers & Whims
Jack Bradshaw

Jinkers and Whims traces the development of the methods and machines used to harvest the forests of Western Australia over the last 150 years, from first settlement to the present day, from horse and steam power to modern mechanical harvesters. Read More »

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Showcase: Custom Publishing
Custom Book Publishing

Fontaine Publishing Group offers a complete custom publishing service, working with business and organisations to produce a range of products, from small promotional paperbacks right through to beautifully bound full colour coffee-table books.
The marketing impact and staying power of words and images printed and bound between covers cannot be underestimated in today’s media saturated world – our tailored publishing solutions will ensure your message stands out in the crowd at a cost to suit any budget.
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