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Defending My God-Given Right NOT to be a Christian

Jimmy Kuratz

Just listen to what people are saying about

Defending My God-given Right to NOT Be a Christian and it’s author:

Lance Chatstone from the West Chicago Herald says, “These are truly the ramblings of a madman…This author is a deeply disturbed individual…If there is a hell, he’ll be going there.”

“How did the Vatican allow this book to be published?”
– Timothy Ropel, The Christian Weekly Chronicle

“I hate Kuratz!!!” – Allen D. Generous,
The Lezbee Friends Weekly Journal

“Someone please assassinate this atheist pig.”
– Kathryn Montgomery, The New York Tribune

“… and ‘Kuratz’? What kind of a name is that anyhow?
Sounds to me like he’s a Croatian Jew or something.”
– Stan Pishtan, Harborside Book Review

“In a miscalculation, this hypocrite endeavors, albeit unsuccessfully, to humiliate organized religion.”
– J.C. Giuntini, Denver Daily Gazette

“Whether you hate Kuratz or you love Kuratz, you have to admit that this is a hard one to swallow.”
– Jim Morrison, The Resurrection News Review

“An absolute piece of sniveling tripe…In the last thousand years, there has never been a greater waste of ink.”
– Jenny Craft, The London Chronicle



Published : JANUARY 2009
Format : Trade Paperback
RRP: $21.95
ISBN 13 : 978-0-646501475
Publisher : KURATZ
Category : RELIGION

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