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Textbook of Assisted Reproduction for Scientists in Reproductive Technology

Steven Fleming and Simon Cooke

Scientists in Reproductive Technology (SIRT) Fertility Society of Australia

It is with the great pleasure of SIRT, and its past and current sponsors, to publish this training textbook. With the number of tasks that a trainee is required to learn in the clinical IVF Laboratory, and the attention to technical excellence that occurs during the training phase at their chosen unit, one area that was identified as being a potential weakness was their understanding of WHY various tasks are performed in a given manner.
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Scientists In Reproductive Technology (SIRT) was formed in 1993 and is the scientific arm of the Fertility Society of Australia. One of its more important activities is to provide avenues for continuing professional development of its membership. Over recent years, the Educational Sub-Committee of SIRT has been developing a formal training scheme, to enable accreditation of embryologists within Australia and New Zealand, in line with other organisations such as Alpha, Association of Clinical Embryologists and the American Board of Bioanalysts. This has culminated in the production of a training log-book and the publication of this textbook. This textbook will prove an invaluable resource of applied theory for all embryologists working within the field of human reproduction.

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Textbook of Assisted Reproduction for  Scientists in Reproductive Technology
Published : July 2008
Format : Hardcover
RRP: $44 non-members
ISBN 13 : 9780980545913
Publisher : VIVID Publishing