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A Civilised Beginning -
The Human Social Journey

Hamid Soltani


Deep down we don't quite understand why humanity has been so systemically deprived from living in a cleverly designed civilised world. For a species that can land a spacecraft on a soaring asteroid and develop extraordinarily lethal weaponry, why is it that humanity has failed to create a cohesive, functioning and equitable social world?

The key focus of investigation in this book is how we are mentally shaped in different social settings and conditioned by our conventional educational systems to live the way we do. There are psychological, social and political lenses adopted by the author to help the reader to recognise the current human challenges from a wider and more holistic social perspective.

The reader is given a unique opportunity to identify their life through the viewpoint of a child's eyes as they develop within our current Western social system. This experience enables the reader to objectively reflect on their unfolding journey of mental development and also helps him/her to experience, once again, the psychological power of given social influences and conditioning upon impressionable young minds.

Finally, the reader is inspired to rely on his/ her naturally given intelligence and explore possibilities that can help create a well-constructed 21st century civilised social architecture to amicably sustain and support our collective long-term harmonious existence.

Deeper insights into our collective social challenges and solutions:

Family upbringing

Systemic school conditioning

Social world contests and pressures

Disillusionments with the social systems

Root causes of the current social chaos


Finding intelligent solutions to the impending social crises




About the Author

Hamid Soltani

Hamid Soltani is the founder of Soltani Therapy.  His main professional focus encompasses topics such as human and social consciousness, systems dynamics, human intelligence, psychosomatics and psychotherapy.

Hamid is a practicing personal coach, clinical hypnotherapist and a management consultant in cultural change and transformation. He holds a fundamental view that most things in life are possible as long as we can first imagine them. His work is about the art of authentic knowing and he welcomes the opportunity to share his findings with audiences as far and wide as possible.










A Civilised Beginning by Hamid Soltani
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