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Bloods of the Failed State Everywhere:

Akim Bunny

Crisis in the Sudan and the role played by the West

“The Western Nations provide the most for Sudan. Although these Nations are more than willing to help Sudan, the Sudanese government does not like Western influence, particularly, the United States of America”

David Thorne

Akim Bunny was born in 1979 into a super Christian family in Juba, the capital of Semi-Autonomous South Sudan. He received his Master’s degree in Public Administration, specialization in Public Policy and Management, from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs in 2009 and his Bachelor of Science’s degree in Business Administration at Point Park University in 2006.

In the main, Mr. Bunny is a reputable scholar of Public Administration and Private Sector Management and has seasoned expertise in research, publication and consulting in the areas of ethics and accountability, public policy, public sector finance, governance, local government, amongst others apart from usual business of teaching.

He published extensively in the areas of ethics, American foreign policy, the African-Chinese Relations, European politics, the Arab Middle East, workplace productivity and employee engagement, public service delivery and development— and has traveled globally in the pursuit of academic excellence and best practices.

He has recently published a monograph, “American Policies towards Sudan in the face of Genocide” and “Promoting Democracy in Resistance and Opposition: A Case of Western Intellectuals and the African Nationalists”.

In addition to a number of unfinished books, Mr. Bunny’s articles have appeared in journals in different parts of the World, including: The African Security Studies (Republic of South Africa), International Affairs, Relations International, Survival, Europe’s World, European Affairs, Foreign Policy, World Politics and Comparative Politics.

Mr. Bunny and his wife, Asunta, lives in Melbourne, Australia.



Published : August 2010
Format : Hardcover 416pp
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