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A World of Myth:
Dismantling Misconceptions
about Global Migrants

Nobel M. Pasi


A World of Myth is an excellent introduction to the topic of global migration, xenophobia and racism.
Written by Nobel M. Pasi (a global migrant who has lived in Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia), the book looks at 28 myths about migrants that are commonly spread by politicians, the mass media, and the public at large. Using data from nations across the world, each myth is challenged for its validity.
- Do migrants steal jobs from locals and hurt the national economy?
- Do migrants just want a “free ride” on public benefits systems?
- Does multiculturalism threaten national culture and social cohesion?
- What is the correlation between migrants and crime?
Answers to all these questions and more are found in this book.

A World of Myth is a great tool for those who wish to investigate the “pros and cons” debate about global migration. Whichever side of the debate you are on, this book will surprise you, challenge you and help you root out the myths that cloud your conception of the foreigners that share your locale. Forward looking, left-of-centre, and unafraid of making unpopular statements due to a fierce commitment to human rights, A World of Myth will open your eyes to a new way of appreciating the lot of migrants everywhere.


About the Author

Nobel M. Pasi

Nobel M. Pasi was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. Pasi attended university there and later worked as a sales manager, an industrial training officer and a polytechnic lecturer. He also sat as a local government councilor in Redcliff, Zimbabwe for several years before emigrating in 2002. A long time member of the Zimbabwean diaspora, he has lived in numerous countries including Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, where he completed a double degree in Applied Business Studies, majoring in Marketing and Management. He currently lives in Perth, Australia where he works in the field of engineering. He occasionally returns to Zimbabwe as a foreign investor and enjoys visiting his relatives there.









A World of Myth: Dismantling Misconceptions about Global Migrants
Published : March 2014
Format : PB C-format 190pp
RRP: $27.95 (ebook $9.99)
ISBN : 978-1-925086-54-6
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Immigrants-Social life & customs

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