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Bits n' Pieces
From Down Under

Rob, Jack,
Gilbert and Ian


The twelve stories (five poems and a limerick) contained in these pages are literary grabs, written by an eclectic group with a, more or less common vision and an irregular appreciation for light and aperture.
The authors address some of the more modern issues that general expression, busy life styles and over commitment sometimes let slide. The stories, are unique, flippant, surly, surprisingly conservative in some circumstances, staid, and in one case, a little gaga.

Characters from everyday life populate these pages but viewed from a perspective that will either excite or challenge - you decide.















Bits n' Pieces by Rob, Jack, Gilbert and Ian
ISBN: 9781925209211
Format: Paperback 210mm x 148mm
Extent: 290 pages
RRP: $20
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Stories -- Poetry