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Bootsie you're 8

Mike James

Bootsie is desperate for his team, the South’s Bulldogs, to get into the finals of the under-11’s rugby union competition. But first, they have to face the Eastern Warriors, the South East Cats, then the dreaded Western Rebels...

Just as it seems that Bootsie’s dream is within reach, one disaster after another strikes.

With supportive parents on the side line and an ex-international test player as coach, Bootsie and teammates discover that there is more to the game than just winning or losing.

By facing-up to their anxiety, fear, and dis-appointment, the South’s Bulldogs’ infectious joy of playing the game brings it’s own rewards.

As you laugh out loud, you’ll also be learning about positions, rules of the game, strategies as well as many other lessons in the game of rugby union.

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Published : July 2010
Format : PB B-format 102pp
ISBN 13 : 9780980638134
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Sport / Children / Fiction
Official Website: