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Breaking the Human Barrier

Kevin Staffa

- Avoiding Spiritual Landmines

The ramifications of being human go far deeper than our intellect and our ability to manipulate our habitat.   We know that there is an entire universe beyond.  We know that creation has a cause that we do not discern.  We are part of a creation that we are incapable of measuring, let alone understanding. 

This places humans in a paradoxical situation:  we know that we are part of some immeasurable universe but our human nature demands that we be able to locate and rank ourselves within this creation.  How do we do this?   The answer is: by means of an intellectual process, anthropocentric relativism, which works like this:

  • we place ourselves at the pinnacle and centre of creation – this is based on a belief termed “humanism”, which gives man the highest value in the universe
  • we acknowledge, measure and rank the things we already know and the things we discover about creation exclusively from this anthropocentric standpoint, but with man always at the pinnacle and centre
  • we determine what is “reality” exclusively in terms of our human values and human experiences from this humanist standpoint

By doing this we are engaging in intellectual fiction; accepting a fallacy.  It’s a practice fraught with danger as this book will show.

Kevin Staffa is a self-employed Lawyer with his own law practice in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, where he lives with his wife and university-aged daughter.



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Published : February 2009
Format : Paperback 432pp
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