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Breastfeeders Anonymous

Rachel Blair
FAQ's by Joy Anderson

For Women Who Want to Breastfeed.

Breastfeeders Anonymous is a light-hearted, informative and easy-to-read book, perfect for new mums or pregnant women hoping to breastfeed. It is not a DIY Guide to Breastfeeding (although there is a chapter on the 'Mechanics of Breastfeeding); it's a support group in a book, in which a number of mums relate the good, bad and ugly of breastfeeding.

“This book is a great pregnancy read and an invaluable handbook for new mums. Breastfeeding is the biggest challenge in those early months and ante-natal education doesn't do nearly enough to prepare women to learn a brand new skill. Rachel's 'real woman' guide combines facts and humour to support first timers through to old hand breastfeeders."
Tracey Lucock,



Rachael is an English teacher by trade, a stay-at-home-mum by day and a freelance writer by night (she rarely sleeps).

She lives in regional Western Australia with her husband, two young boys and a menagerie of animals. Rachael breastfed both her sons and due to her passion, research and interest in infant feeding, has become a kind of breastfeeding mentor to those who know her.




Joy has been helping mothers as a breastfeeding counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association (formerly the Nursing Mothers' Association of Australia) for over 20 years, and professionally as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for over 15 years. She lives in Western Australia with her husband and two adult children, who were each breastfed for about two years. Joy has a special interest in food intolerance and breastfed babies, and is currently studying full-time towards qualifying as a Registered Dietitian.




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Published : AUGUST 2007
Format : PAPERBACK 352pp
RRP : $30.95
ISBN 13 : 978-0-9803623-2-9
Distributor : DENNIS JONES
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Author's Blog Site : breastfeedersanonymous


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