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An Artist's Journey of the Endangered Species

Cherry Demir


Colour is a dynamic force in art and life. An Artist’s Journey of the Endangered Species delves into the use of colour, space and artistic interpretation of some endangered animals in order to raise not only awareness, but also to entice a sense of empathy and connection.

Each subject has been created with a consideration of colour flow, movement and stance in order to provide an original representation of each animal. All originals have been painted in oils.

10% of all sales of this book will be donated to The Little Trunk Project, an organisation that has dedicated its time to the protection and conservation of elephants and rhinoceros that have been harmed through the illegal poaching practices in Africa.


About the Author

Cherry Demir

Cherry Demir, a Melbourne based artist, specialises in oil paints to create work that reflects her love of nature and wildlife. Inspired by the luscious qualities of oil paints, her work explores the beauty of wildlife and nature in vivid, opulent colours. Constantly experimenting with colour Cherry’s work is guided by the ever-changing pigments of the oil paints, and her paintings become an evolving process of dynamic hues, attempting to capture the fragile and elegant stature of her subjects.

Cherry is a self-taught artist. Growing up in the picturesque town of Eltham, Cherry used her environment to paint and sketch native animals and fauna. Her artistic aspirations and passion for art had to be put on hold for 15 years, during which she married, completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Arts Education, and had three children.

Retiring as a secondary school teacher in 2010, and moving in 2012 to a charmingly scenic acreage in Plenty that overlooks the beautiful Kinglake ranges, her innate desire to create was reignited. Cherry has also sold many commissioned paintings and displays her work in several galleries and showrooms.





An Artist's Journey of the Endangered Species by Cherry Demir

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ISBN: 978-1-925590-80-7
Format: Paperback 210mm x 270mm
Extent: 28 pages full colour
RRP: $17.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Illustrated Non-Fiction