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Russell McNair

Aaron Thomas has a problem. He has been caught stealing money from his employer. As Aaron searches for ways to avoid the penalties for his actions, he meets Bill, a mysterious old man that seems to know all about Aaron’s past and present misdemeanours. Through Bill, Aaron learns to take responsibility back for the consequences of his actions and finds a new way to create the life that he truly desires.

“Choices is a really powerful parable for out time. It will help you redefine the way you’re running your life.”
Rich Winston

Russell McNair is a personal development facilitator, coach, speaker and author. For information on his workshops and other products, contact Russell directly within Australia on 0422 669 539



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Published : NOVEMBER 2008
Format : Paperback 102pp
RRP : $24.95
ISBN : 9781921787713
Publisher : VIVID Publishing