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The Clay Wheel

Anne Osborn

The Clay Wheel explores time and place, these markers of our lives. The narrative moves between personal and mythic strands, tracing the journey of the central female character as her encounters, experiences and memories are folded and unfolded in a story of love, identity and loss.

‘She was made from odds and ends. At least, that’s what she always said herself, later on.’

So begins the story of Joan Ryan, born in Cork, Ireland in the 1950s. As a child, she loves to read, and grows into a world woven from words. This world is alive, vibrant with her heroes. And it offers some protection…

In the 1970s, Joan travels to London and beyond, following her dream of a new, Aquarian dawn. She is literate, insightful and perceptive. But does she always see what’s going on?

And, can odds and ends ever form a whole?


Anne Osborn

Anne Osborn is a native of Cork, Ireland. Her travels have led her to the oasis of Fremantle, Western Australia, her place of residence since 1987. She studied English and Culture to postgraduate level at Curtin University of Technology. Her most recent employment has been as a high school teacher in Perth. This is her first novel.



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Published : December 2009
Format : Paperback 262pp
RRP: $24.95
ISBN : 9780980638127
Publisher : VIVID Publishing

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