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Clinical Aromatherapy

Ray Ford

Using Essential Oils with Acu-Points and Channels

Essential Oils are very popular in the world right now, both with the general public and healers in general such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and naturopaths. In this book detailed information is given about the nature, production, purity, contraindications, safety issues and therapeutic use of essential oils from both a Western and Chinese Medicine perspective.

This book can be used as a reference for those who already have general knowledge regarding essential oils or as a starting point for anyone wishing to begin the journey of using essential oils in their lives generally and in a safe practical way. Information regarding the Chinese Medicine perspective of using essential oils with acu-points and Channels adds another dimension to the healing abilities and resonance of essential oils.




About the Author


Ray Ford has been studying Chinese Medicine since 1983. He graduated
from Acupuncture Colleges Australia in 1987 and later completed a post
graduate degree at UTS in Sydney. He has studied and treated with some
of China’s finest practitioners in both Bejing and Hangzhou over a period
spanning eight years 1998-2006. This period provided great insight into
the Classic roots of Chinese Medicine as well as the understanding of how
it is currently practiced there. Ray has been in private practice in Sydney
since 1989 and is the founder and Director of Experience Acupuncture, an
affordable community style practice.



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