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In Search of Understanding

Dee Maguire

Travels with Ms. Dee

Travel is an opportunity, whether you have a fixed schedule or you are going with the free fall. But it is the bohemian spirit who craves the plunge. They seek it out, taking giant dives into the unknown that are fraught with risk. It’s an insatiable craving, too restless and persistent to ignore.

This book takes you on a unique journey to four continents of the globe with a woman travelling, for the most part, on her own. She shares this experience through the fast moving lens of critical inquiry and reflection. There are no fixed schedules because the free fall invites something better.

The exploration of historical events, the antecedents that shape diverse cultures, the discovery of world secrets, and the hidden nuances that contribute to the human condition, fuels a new and invigorating philosophical perspective. All is surprise. Nothing is ever as it seems.



About the Author

Dee Maguire is an educator and program developer in Sydney, Australia.  She currently writes education programs for a broad audience across NSW Health. Previous to this, Dee was a nurse educator in the development of education programs at Western Sydney, Australia. This included education needs assessment/analysis and curriculum development at the post graduate level.

Dee is also a registered nurse and qualified sports trainer. She has a Master in Education and holds an Associate Diploma in Applied Science as well as Bachelor in Applied Science. She has published academic articles on education both nationally and internationally.

Dee is a passionate human rights activist with a particular interest in the misuse of power. Her love of travel stems from an endless curiosity about the world and the factors that shape us as human beings. Travel continues to fuel a realistic perspective in her role as an educator. Dee currently lives in Sydney, Australia.





In Search of Understanding by Dee Maguire

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