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Destined to Be

Gillian Siganto

Gillian was born psychic and with the aid of her parents was allowed to develop and grow naturally. Living in two worlds is the norm and with the knowledge gained over the years her book is to give people a simple view of what it is to be psychic and how to reach their own potential for their spiritual growth. Life and our spiritual journey is based on simplicity. This book is a guide to finding and making your life full enriched and simple.

This book is written in the hope of reaching the many people who are looking for some answers in their personal quest for spirituality. It is a word bandied about far too often and although we all want to feel we are all spiritual beings the truth is we sometimes need a helping hand to attain the goals we are looking for. To be a truly spiritual person is to simply look beyond the tangible things in life and toward the emotional and the energy side of who we are. To look at the world and the richness that is offered to us. My story is one of learning, experiences, many set backs and many rewards. It is to be hoped that with this book there will be many people who will benefit from it, even if it is only one small thing because small things lead us on to greater things. This is an inner journey and as with all journeys there will be pit stops and rest breaks, there will be times you feel as if the journey has come to an end but the truth is we never stop our travels. The journey of our life is filled with mystery, marvels and incredible emotional experiences, it is how we embrace them and live through them that take us onwards. Enjoy



Destined to Be
Published : DECEMBER 2009
Format : PB 96pp B Format
RRP: $17.95
ISBN 13 : 978-0-9807009-6-1
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : SPIRITUAL