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"Dharma Transmission"

B. Cumming

A secular Western approach to Buddhism, Meditation, Life & Actuality

"Dharma Transmission" an amalgamation of public talks and study group discussion forums within Western Australia from 2006 to 2020 on various topics, by those who engage with the Dharma journey within the context of this secular western approach to Buddhism, meditation, life, and actuality. This context was developed as a current functional understanding of actuality that was realized within a period of meditation on the 13th June 1980 and then followed by an actualization process throughout the various schools of Buddhism over thirty years, which is still ongoing. This collective journey is an attempt to make intellectual sense of the awakening experience, so it can be communicated to a new secular western audience, without recourse to anything supernatural, religious dogma, institutionalized belief, or other non-western cultural influences.

The communication of the Dharma has never been about the communicator. It's always been about the communication itself. It's always been communicated, so that it can be tested, challenged, refuted, or realized within the direct experience, without the need of any belief aspect imposed by the confused and conditioned, self- referential mind. This book marks the transition from a single Dharma communicator within this context to a collective voice that recognizes the transmission process is complete.















"Dharma Transmission": A secular Western approach to Buddhism, Meditation, Life & Actuality by B. Cumming
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