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An Irish Book of Living and Dying

Donal Griffin

A Migran't Tale

In this hilarious, charming and occasionally melancholy memoir, Donal Griffin teaches us how to live forever – or die trying. As a succession lawyer, he encourages clients to draft more than a sterile Will; he advises them to pass on their stories, in all their grit, graft and glory. In so doing, they can face their demons head-on, become better people in the process, and bequeath their lessons learned. An Irish Book of Living and Dying is his crack at practising what he preaches.

From the gloaming streets of Dublin to the phosphorescent oceans of Australia, this is the irreverent tale of a migrant’s always-hopeful search for meaning and mischief. Sprinkled liberally with Irish songs and the immortal words of Wilde, Yeats, Joyce and Beckett, it’s an unputdownable rollick that will slap you in the face with the Salmon of Knowledge and leave you hanging for a pint with the lads.

With any luck, when you arrive at the final full stop, you might just be inspired to share your story, too.


“The Irish are better than most at living and dying. They invented the craic, an almost indefinable eruption of song, blarney and laughter. In this delightful memoir, Donal Griffin polishes the tradition with elegant gusto.”
Mike Carlton, Australian Broadcaster

“Donal has helped my clients work their way through how they want their wealth to pass to their families, but this book has provided me with an insight to the person. It has cemented how important the conversation should be with those that we love on how we wish to be remembered – not by wealth or in theory but through the essence of who we are.”
Marisa Broome CFP®, Chair Financial Planning Association




About the Author

Donal Griffin

Donal Griffin is a Sydney lawyer with an international outlook. Born and bred in Dublin, he ran away from home and now he’s a long way from where he started. When he’s not ‘lawyering’, he’s working on his second book, Be a Better Ancestor. And when he’s not doing that, he’s trying to get his son to comply with a written agreement to walk his dog Ninja, looking for new music or using his golf game to keep his humility in check. An Irish Book of Living and Dying is his first book.



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ISBN: 978-1-922565-52-5
Format: Paperback C 229mm x 152mm
Extent: 368 pages
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Category: Autobiography
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