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Esteban's Conclusions

Erfan Daliri

The Seeker's Journal

‘For as long as life affords you a page, scribe your story my friend, that when your soul returns home, your influence upon this world will continue with no end,’ Sharma advised Esteban as he gently toked the fire before continuing, ‘for without wandering sages and lonely poets, to whom will the people turn when they need solace?”

‘Without estranged philosophers watching from afar, whom would they ask their questions of when they wished to know who they truly are?

‘Without silent contemplative types, to whom would they turn, to ask for advice?

‘If the candle did not sacrifice itself in becoming light, who would be your guide during the soul’s darkest of nights?’

With those words Sharma left Esteban by the fireside, to dwell upon his thoughts in the company of the stars. From a distance, an owl hooted in agreeance with Sharma’s advice, and then the burning wood crackled in delight, as Esteban’s pen began to move across the page.

Along the journey to self-realisation chronicled in Esteban’s Hypothesis, our protagonist, Esteban, keeps a poetic journal, the purpose of which is ever changing and often times unclear. The following compilation is that journal.

These are Esteban’s Conclusions.


About the Author

Erfan Daliri is an Australian spoken word artist and social change consultant. Born September 5th 1983 in Lucknow, India, to Iranian parents, Erfan was raised in Townsville, Australia, where he began studying Engineering and working in community development.

Erfan spent the next ten years working throughout Australia on community development projects related to youth engagement, refugee settlement and Indigenous rights. After completing a Graduate Diploma in Communication for Social Change in 2011, Erfan began writing and performing poetry fulltime.



Esteban's Conclusions by Erfan Daliri
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