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Into the Eternal Moment

Malcolm Lyons

A brief look at the Soul's history and destiny

“What is man that thou art mindful of him?” (Psalm 8:4)

Amazed by the splendour and vastness of creation, the Psalmist wonders why man specifically is favoured and blessed by God. What made him think that God is mindful of man?

Could it be our likeness to God? Or, that we alone are well-equipped, physically and intellectually, to be stewards of creation? Perhaps, it was an awareness of our wonderful purpose that evoked his wonderment?

With the help of scripture, this book explains the reason for our existence and brings to light the Creator’s intimate involvement in helping us realise our life’s purpose..


Book Release: 1st September 2022


About the Author

Malcolm Lyons has for many years been concerned about our socio-spiritual environment. He believes that pollution, or depletion of values that have stood the test of time, have negatively impacted on our relationships and wellbeing. He has written several opinion pieces and letters that have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The West Australian and The Record. Through his book Into the Eternal Moment, he re-presents the hope-filled good news that was given to us a long time ago.



Into the Eternal Moment by Malcolm Lyons
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ISBN: 978-1-9227884-9-8
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Extent: 96 pages
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