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Finding Heraan

Tim Muirhead

Finding Heraan is a work of fiction about a young man, Ageres, who is tasked with delivering a powerful message.  The task proves a lot harder than he expects. He is confronted with many challenges, not least the fact that many greet his message with disinterest!

Finally he finds the village of Heraan, and there, his message has a powerful impact. But the impact is not what he’d expected. And even after the message is delivered, he faces challenges and temptations that threaten to destroy the very truth-telling that his message has unleashed.

It’s an allegory, of course; a philosophical fable.   We live in an increasingly diverse world, where differences of religion, race, gender, and even beliefs, threaten to create a cowering silence, or dangerous conflict.  We need to find ways that we can genuinely speak to and hear each other, and Finding Heraan gives an opportunity for readers to reflect on what those ways might look like.


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BOOK REVIEW: Tuesday, October 11th, The West Australian TODAY section

The spiritual is strong in Muirhead’s Finding Heraan (Vivid Publishing, $18), an allegory of the development of the soul and the diverse paths to the same truths that form Muirhead's vision of a spiritually satisfying world. Full of wisdom, Muirhead’s story weaves life-enhancing insights into the journey of a stable boy who is the chosen carrier of truths to “the outer edges".





About the Author

Tim Muirhead has worked in, and written about, community development for over 30 years. In that work, he has focussed, particularly, on how we develop the human spirit in each of us and all of us, and how we ensure that our diversity enriches us rather than dividing us.

His previous book is Weaving Tapestries: A Handbook for Building Communities.
He lives in Perth, Western Australia.






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