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Making The Great Connection

Carol Jennings and Julie Wessley

A Practical Handbook Towards Making The Great Connection Through Meditation, Mantra and Invocation

Meditation brings tranquillity and greater insight through listening to The One. Mantra attunes us and harmonises us with The One. Invocation is conversation with The One which enables us to act with greater wisdom.

With dedication, these practices become the catalyst to fuse the microcosmic inner realm and the macrocosmic outer worlds, reconnecting us to THE ONE, (The Eternal, The Infinite, The Universal) making THE GREAT CONNECTION.

1 Overview vii
2 Introduction
3 Our Connection to the Infinite
4 The Human State of Being
5 The Ego – the Invented “I”of Personality
6 The Ego at Work
7 Dispelling the Ego
8 Realigning the Feminine and Masculine
9 Esoteric and Exoteric Traditions
10 Angels, Masters, Devas, Guides and Bodhisattvas
11 The Nature of Meditations, Mantras and Invocations
12 Meditation
13 The Practice of Meditation
14 Mantra
15 The Practice of Mantra
16 Mantras in Practice
17 Invocation
18 Invocation in Practice
19 Love and Unity
20 The Reconnection
21 Making it Simple



Published : APRIL 2007
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