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High Street

John Considine


What is your earliest memory? How clearly do you recall it? Are you able to see the moment with crystal clarity or does it flicker in and out of focus in vague fragments… in spicks and specks?

Can you be sure of what you see? Did it really happen or might it be an invention, an illusion? Is your subconscious self rewriting the past?

High Street gives us a glimpse into one man’s past… but can we believe it?

John Considine presents us with some extraordinary images: scenes from childhood shopping excursions to High St, Northcote on Saturdays in the late 1950s, an unwelcome and unforeseen visit to the U.S.A. and an entirely unexpected reunion with a long lost friend.

High Street is a fictional work based on personal images from earlier days. It reflects on the great technological advances and attitudinal changes observed during a period of rapid human evolution. In consequence, it deliberately confronts the ‘big questions’, including those on the frontiers of science.

With artful and taunting humour, John Considine leads us through a maze of memories. Don’t be deceived by the clarity of his visions. The question remains: which of the pathways are real?


About the Author

John Considine

John Considine (born in Melbourne, Australia, 1952) resides in Melbourne and is a teacher of biology and mathematics. Previous works include the novel Dual Carriageway and non-fiction articles published by Australasian Poultry magazine and Grass Roots magazine.He has also written a series of entertaining travel reports under the name John de Dijon as well as a range of commissioned freelance articles. He has co-written several dramatic works for theatre groups and is a musician.






High Street by John Considine

ISBN: 978-1-925681-43-7
Format: Paperback B 198mm x 128mm
Extent: 352 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Australian Fiction