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Hop, Step & Jump

Ron Mills

How can an innocent businessman become accused of drug running, an ecological disaster and more than one murder? The police forces of Argentina, Britain and Australia want to know too

Peter Miles is involved in a traffic accident while on a business trip in South America and as a consequence also witnesses a murder. He is then accused of drug running by the Argentine police and then causing one of the worst outbreaks of the dreaded and deadly foot and mouth epidemics to strike the United Kingdom by the British police. It is probably all a terrible mistake until he returns home to Australia and runs into a beautiful woman he met once before on the way to London and then being taken out on a one-way trip to the shark infested Great Barrier Reef.
Somehow there is a connection, but then again perhaps he will not live long enough to discover the answers.



Ron Mills was born and educated in London and completed his compulsory military service in the Royal Air Force in Germany. After discharge and returning home he reached the fringe of international track and field athletics for England while also becoming a senior executive in the manufacturing industry at a relatively young age. Business offers from overseas attracted him to New Zealand, then South Africa, back to England, once again to New Zealand, onwards to Canada and finally to Australia. During his business travels to numerous countries in all five industrialised continents he accumulated up to 400,000 kilometres each year by air and a further 50,000 kilometres by road. He has written several manuscripts, both factual and fictional and Hop, Step & Jump is the first to be published. Ron currently lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.



Hop Step and Jump
Published : August 2011
Format : PB A-format 328 grams
RRP: $16.95
ISBN : 9781921787560
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : Adult fiction