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How the World Works, and Why

Murray Tulett

The most complete answer yet on the meaning of life

What is really going on, with everything? What are we, why are we here, what does it all mean?

In this revised and expanded second edition, Tulett presents an overarching explanation of the universe and everything in it including planet Earth and the human world. Drawn into the story and woven together is a wide range of subject material from the fields of science, philosophy, religion, history, politics, economics, the law, popular culture, literary analysis, twenty-first century technology, and others. The work is more than a summary of current knowledge. A key purpose has been to present new syntheses, new insights. This book examines the how and the why of the world, and in doing so attempts to answer a number of big questions including those posed above.

How the World Works, and Why is a feast for the mind, bursting with ideas that will provoke, inform and entertain.

About the Author

Murray Tulett was raised on a dairy farm and became an engineering professional employed in both the public and private sectors in a diversity of roles from teaching to design to project management to consulting. His previous written works include a comic memoir and two historical novels. He has always read widely and thought deeply in a quest to understand the fundamental nature of things, and now brings this all together in a single coherent story. In an era of specialisation, Tulett has taken an unfashionable path – that of the generalist, achieving skills in many areas of both his working career and private life. His intellectual interests are equally broad. This eclectic approach and open-mindedness have made possible the writing of How the World Works, and Why. He is married with two adult children.

In the twenty-first century, engineered products and systems dominate our lives. Murray Tulett claims that engineers are the new philosophers, gaining crucial insights into the nature of reality and the human condition. In this book his radical perspectives cast the world in a new light.









How the World Works


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ISBN: 978-1-925952-82-7 (eBook 2nd edition)
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Extent: 415 pages
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