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Warrnambool -
A Long Way to Tipperary

James Nicolas

The Incredible Life of John Hyland

In the 1850's an amazing man came to the western districts of Victoria from Tipperary in Ireland. Police Trooper, pioneer, capturer of bushrangers, squatter, mayor, stock and land auctioneer, friend of Australia’s first Governor General and a mentor to Archibald, the founder of The Bulletin. He became a leader of the Irish independence movement in Victoria, an advocate for the women’s vote and a person with a social conscience in a tough era. He even made a pitch at the Federation convention for Warrnambool to be Australia’s new capital. He was all this and much much more. He would help shape his community with a legacy that remains. A man who despite all his success still had to overcome a number of personal tragedies. This man was John Hyland and this is his incredible life.



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By STEVE HYNES May 30, 2014
Mr Hyland’s story captured the attention of Melbourne amateur historian James Nicolas. Mr Nicolas has no connection with Warrnambool or John Hyland, but became fascinated by his story during a visit to Warrnambool’s History House.
“Wherever I go I always delve into the local history. I read a bit about John Hyland and realised he was a man who led an extraordinary life. So I thought I would write a book about him,” Mr Nicolas said.
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THE name of John Hyland is immortalised in several places around Warrnambool and a book about him has been re-printed for the third time.
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In the News: The Camperdown Chronicle

March 1, 2016
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Warrnambool -A Long Way to Tipperary: The Incredible Life of John Hyland by James Nicolas
ISBN: 9781925171372
Format: Paperback A5 210mm x 148mm
Extent: 136 pages
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Historical Australian Non-Fiction