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I Am Catherine Jane

Catherine Jane Fisher

The True Story of One Woman’s Quest for Justice

Jane, an Australian mother of three, was raped by a U.S. Navy sailor in Yokosuka, Japan.

After reporting the rape, Ms Fisher was detained in the local police station without medical attention or support of any kind, and was subjected to over 12 hours of interrogation.

The alleged rapist was given an honourable discharge from the U.S. Military and allowed to leave the country before he was due to appear in the Tokyo District Court.

Jane’s search to track down her attacker and her determined fight for justice through the court system punctuates her journey of recovery and the reclamation of her lost self from the nightmare of this experience.

Glimpses of life in Japan gently flavour this story of a shattered soul, slowly being put back together through faith, family, and sheer determination.


If you ever wondered why so many victims choose not to report rape or why so many people prefer to put the blame for crime on its victims, then you should read this book.  Catherine's story will stop you in your tracks as you ponder how this could happen to an innocent person.
- Michael O'Connell APM, Commissioner for Victims' Rights.

"...Catherine Jane Fisher emerges finally as an authentic woman who refused to play the game of smiling subservience so common in Japan, who refused to be cowed by those in power — a vulnerable person who refused to be defeated by her own vulnerability. I owe her immeasurably, and so do you. Buy this book."
- Japan Times, July 14, 2015



About the Author

Catherine Jane Fisher - Author

Catherine Jane Fisher was born in Australia. She has lived in Japan since the 1980s and has three sons. Ms Fisher is an artist, lecturer, and a tireless advocate for victims of rape.












I Am Catherine Jane by Catherine Jane Fisher
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