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I am... I can... I will

Bianca G. Plunkett Gooley

A Young Mother’s Journey through Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

'Some days I see the 40cm scar across my chest as the most repulsive and saddest line I have ever seen; other days it’s like an instant   adrenalin and strength reminding me that I am one of many Wonder Women and Men out there who have put up a fight.’

‘I am... I can... I will - A Young Mother’s Journey through Triple Negative Breast Cancer & Life’ is based on Bianca's journal kept from 2009, just prior to being diagnosed with cancer. It chronologically describes the highs and lows of having a toddler, a newborn and being diagnosed and treated for TNBC. It is a very raw account of her journey through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, rehabilitation and life in general, up until my ‘finally being three years cancer free’ milestone.

‘I am... I can... I will’ is about being diagnosed with cancer and then working out the best chance of surviving it. Mixed with humour, compassion, hope and resilience, the author's wish is for her autobiography is to be of support to people who may find themselves on a similar yet unwanted journey, and to know they are not alone.


About the Author

 Bianca G. Plunkett Gooley

Bianca G. Plunkett Gooley is a 38 year old primary school teacher by trade, a wife and mother to two young children, and a writer by night.

Just over seven years ago, whilst being on maternity leave, Bianca was diagnosed with an extreme and rare form of breast cancer: Triple Negative. She has always wished to write about the highs and lows of her journey through the disease, especially from a young mother’s perspective. Bianca wished to write her life story (pre and post cancer) for her children to read had she not survived.

When first diagnosed there were not any books written from the perspective of a young person with a young family suffering from TNBC. Bianca's story has ability to help and inspire fellow cancer sufferers and show them the positives as well as the ‘not so good’ times they may face .'I am... I can... I will ' is written in a frank, open and often humorous way.

For further information and to contact the author, please visit her website here.





I am... I can... I will by Bianca G. Plunkett Gooley
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ISBN: 978-1-925515-50-3
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Extent: 256 pages
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