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Ilsa, the funny looking hippopotamus

Harry Mayr

Book One
Ilsa, the funny looking hippopotamus, is the story about Ilsa the giraffe. She lives at the local waterhole with her close friend George, and the other hippos. Ilsa thinks she is a ‘funny looking hippopotamus’ until she discovers the other giraffes, that meet beyond the jungle and under the rainbows. She learns that giraffes and hippos are like people, no better or worse than each other, just different.



Hippo Party


(Book Two available here.)



Ilsa, the funny looking hippopotamus
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ISBN: 978-1-922022-73-8
Format: Hardcover 250mm x 200mm
Extent: 24 pages
RRP: $19.95
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Childrens Fiction.
Distribution: Contact Harry