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In the Same Streets You'll Wander Endlessly

J.J. DeCeglie

Short Stories

"...while most of the post-winton brat pack can produce flat, unresonating fiction, DeCeglie can squeeze graceful prose out of even the most dreary, commonplace, scraping-the-bottom human misery.....His Characters merely survive in a world where happiness doesn't arrive neatly wrapped up but comes in more peculiar parcels, if at all...DeCeglie goes past the sentimentality some artists have with the port city [of Fremantle] and peels back the layers of paint to reveal a seedy, melancholic world."
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Brendan Foster, Fremantle Herald, pg 37, June 21, 2008.


J.J. DeCeglie is 27 years old and lives in Fremantle, Western Australia.
His works have been published in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia. He is the author of the underground novel “the sea is not yet full”. This books comprises of a collection of short stories and pieces written between 2005 and 2008.

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Published : JUNE 2008
Format : Paperback 148pp
RRP: $22.95
ISBN 13 : 9780980493412
Publisher : VIVID Publishing
Category : FICTION
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