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A glass half full and other travel stories

Lee Mylne

For more years than she cares to count, Lee Mylne has been travelling wherever life has taken her.  Sometimes, she has found the road smooth…other times, there have been some rough patches. But an inherent sense of optimism - the belief that the glass is almost always half-full - has kept her going when more sensible people may have stayed at home.

From the potholes of the track across the DMZ to North Korea, to the long stretches of road that led to the doors of outback Australian pubs; from a memorable turn around Cape Horn and a defining moment while sailing the Kimberley Coast; in the wild forests of New Zealand and on the beaches of Pacific islands…the glass has sometimes been filled to the brim.

As a travel writer, Lee brings to her stories the news sense instilled in her from her journalism career and brings alive the characters she meets along the way. This collection of stories will transport you, amuse you and enlighten you.


About the Author

Lee Mylne - Author

Lee Mylne began her working life as a newspaper journalist, but itchy feet led her eventually into the world of travel writing. She has lived in New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada and the Middle East and now calls Brisbane home.  The author of many guidebooks and prolific contributor to the travel pages of (mostly) Australian newspapers and magazines, she is also a keen blogger. Reflecting her inherent optimism, her blog (like this book) is called A Glass Half Full.









A glass half full and other travel stories by Lee Mylne
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ISBN: 9781925171402
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Extent: 224 pages
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Publisher: Vivid Publishing
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