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Lifting the Fog on Business Intelligence

Ferenc Mantfeld

A business reference to successful BI implementations for executives and managers

Are you a business person who is about to get involved in a Business Intelligence (BI) project?
Do you feel out of your depth and surrounded by jargon?
Are you concerned about the value that your
BI project will deliver?
Do you feel trapped by a big, expensive solution?
Would you like to tip the odds of success in your favour?

This book takes a business approach to successfully implementing BI projects and describes what has worked and what has not. It also goes through a list of considerations, what are the ingredients and the recipe for success and what are six major reasons that BI projects fail to deliver.

Ferenc Mantfeld

The author has many years of experience in this field and despite having a technical background, describes the phases and components from a business perspective, offering practical steps and comparisons along the way. After reading this book, you will feel much better equipped to have discussions with the BI implementation team and have a better idea as to what will deliver the delight your BI project promises.

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Inside the book

1. You CAN understand and get usable Business Intelligence

2. How to get BI that is a real asset (that means it makes you money)

3. The four golden rules of BI… and the top six mistakes to avoid

4. Talk the BI Talk!

5. Why you should escape Ex-hell and convoluted Cubes - now

6. Money, money, money: see it popping up in embedded BI

7. The blueprint to your killer BI system

8. Making BI look and feel good for your end users

9. Case studies of BI in the real world

10. The future of BI – will your business be ready?

11. The Ferenc Mantfeld story

12. Resources – where do you go from here?





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