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Looming August Eighth

Trevor Trigg

Disaster has a Deadline.  The heart-stopping, disaster-dealing sequel to LAPEL.

1989. Peter Piper and police inspector Robbie Burns are now national icons and heroes, awarded for their bravery in exposing and thwarting an Australian coup d’état. At last, the public functions and saturation media coverage are slowing down. Can they look forward to loved-up futures with the women they found in their life-and-death struggle to save the nation?

But basking in the international limelight for preserving democracy has made them prime targets for vengeance. An international arms dealer teams up with the revolutionary leader of a pariah state. The stakes are huge for Piper and Burns and, once again, for Australia.

Disaster has a deadline and Peter and Rob are moving targets. If they can survive, they will chase down facts and phantoms across countries, oceans and airways.

LOOMING AUGUST EIGHTH is a story of elite assassins, international terrorist activity, and a plot that may tip Australia into war.

About the Author

From bean counter to boat builder to bionic man, Trevor Trigg is a shapeshifter and change maker. Born in Sydney, his close companion for twenty-five years was a horse. Thanks to their horsing around, Trevor has a stainless steel ankle.

After several decades in financial and senior management (CFO/CEO), the creative muse remodeled Trevor into an award-winning poet and a balladeer. Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, Trevor’s lifelong interests in the capabilities of the mind and in the fusion of nature and technology have also produced innovative artworks. He had his own gallery in the nineties where his pieces were sold internationally: .

From his ‘tree change’ in Warragul, Trevor also takes a regular ‘sea change’ on Raymond Island where he indulges his love of the water. In his seventies, he has taken the gentle pastime of messing about in boats to its logical progression: boatbuilding. In scarce idle moments, he plays guitar and restores his 1934 Phaeton vintage car.










Looming August Eighth


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ISBN: 978-1-925846-85-0 (ebook edition)
Format: eBook (epub + mobi)
Extent: 226 pages
RRP: USD $3.99
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense