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Love: A Collaborative Memoir

Candace Davis


CANDACE DAVIS is unsure about love.

Her lifelong mission was to create the perfect love story to tell her grandchildren. Instead, three decades in, she is divorced, broken-hearted and dealing with the aftermath of an affair. Wanting to understand where she went wrong, and how she can make it right again, Candace turned to others—friends, family, experts and complete strangers—to make sense of it all.

In her raw, honest, and emotionally charged memoir she shares her own love story while weaving through the thoughts and experiences of others.
• Is there such thing as true love?
• Does happily ever after really exist?
• What does a tattooist, florist or a poet think about love?

Read about how rejection, romance, marriage, divorce and infidelity can challenge all that you hold true, and how being alone is not so bad after all. If you're hoping for a look inside the complexities of real love, there's no better place to start.


About the Author

Candace David

Candace Davis was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1983. She lives in rural Queensland with her partner, Luke; two adopted dogs, Justin and Fancy; and a stray cat that usually answers to Judith.
Love: a collaborative memoir is Candace’s first published book. She hopes it will form part of a ... The nextin a series of non-fiction collaborative memoirs will ask the question: what is home?

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Love: A Collaborative Memoir by Candace Davis
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ISBN: 978-1-925209-06-8
Format: Paperback 182mm x 110mm
Extent: 160 pages
RRP: $19.00
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Category: Non-fiction -- Memoirs